Home Care Services for elderly and senior citizens is one of the major specialized services offered by AmeriHealth Home Healthcare.

Extended to ensure complete at-home care, the home care service for the elderly is intended to cater specifically to the aged with respect to regular activities.

Dedicated to the welfare and well-being of senior citizens, the elderly care service facilitates the rectification of critical concerns, complexities, and complications posing serious challenges in performing everyday activities.

Encompassing a host of practices and approaches, some of the primary aspects of the service include assisted living, dedicated nursing care, nutrition and dietary recommendations, adult day care, pain relief management, medication support as well as immediate hospitalization in case of an emergency. 

home care services for elderly
Home Care Services for Elderly

Key Provisions Of Our Home Care Services for Elderly

  • Specialized Care – Our commitment to specialized care reflects our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of seniors and their families. We work closely with you to develop a customized care plan that addresses your loved one’s specific requirements, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care and support throughout their aging journey.
  • Social & Spiritual Needs – We acknowledge that seniors often seek companionship and avenues for spiritual fulfillment. Our caregivers are extensively trained to offer emotional support, engage in meaningful conversations, and facilitate activities encouraging social interaction.
  • Consistent Medical Supervision – Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to providing unwavering medical supervision, ensuring that your loved ones consistently receive ongoing medical attention.
  • Immediate Hospitalization Support – During medical emergencies or when changes in health status necessitate hospitalization, our highly experienced staff stands ready to offer immediate support. We have established well-defined protocols to ensure a smooth transition to the hospital, collaborating closely with medical facilities to ensure the provision of optimal care.
  • Dietary Plan – Proper nutrition is paramount to maintaining good health in senior citizens. Our experts create customized dietary plans that align with their nutritional needs, dietary preferences, and any specific medical requirements.
  • Constant Health Condition Monitoring – Our commitment to your loved one’s well-being doesn’t stop at the initial assessment. We provide continuous health condition monitoring to track any changes or developments in their health.